ApacheCon NA 2010

1-5 November 2010 | Westin Peachtree, Atlanta

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J.Lance Wilkinson posted OK, I give up.... where are the slides?

Most presenters whose sessions I attended hinted or actually said their presentations would be available on the web shortly after the close of the conference. But looking both on the ApacheCon website and starting to manually go thru links to individuals on people.apache.org, I have yet to find any. Am I just looking in the wrong places for these?

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Sally Khudairi posted One of our iPod Touch 3Gs is missing

Last seen sometime between Rod Cope's session in Augusta and the Welcome Reception. If found or if you have any information on its whereabouts, please contact me. Thanks, Sally

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Sally Khudairi posted Where to dine in Hotlanta.

I'm always being asked for recommendations on the endless "where should we eat?" loop. You see, part of my $dayjob involves the culinary space, and I'm more than happy to make suggestions. 1) Atlanta is a burger town, and has some great places to check out for a tasty bite: - Holeman & Finch Public House, home of the "Best Burger in America" doesn't actually have burgers on their menu. Get there early to pre-order one of two-dozen double cheesebu... [read more]

Luciano Resende: As a Brazilian and a meat lover, there is also Fogo de Chao (http://www.fogodechao.com/locations/atlanta/), which is one of the best Brazilian barbecue (rodizeo) places in USA. BTW, I'm planning to go there on Friday, please drop me a note if you wan... [read more]
Sally Khudairi: Ah, carnage! What's not to love about Brazilian barbacoa? If my schedule permits, count me in! Fantastic option :-)
J.Lance Wilkinson: I'm interested. Please advise on meet time & place

Wed, Nov 3 at 1:31PM (3 comments)

Hello fellow gourmands! The Sally/HALO Foodie Dinner will be taking place at 8PM on Thursday, 4 November. Details coming shortly, but know that we're already booked halfway. An old post on the Foodie Dinner history is at http://apacheconeu2008.crowdvine.com/posts/604696 and last year during ApacheCon/OAK we had a gorgeous evening at Alice Waters's Chez Panisse. Do let me know if you'd like to join us!

Sally Khudairi: UPDATE: will be dining at 4th & Swift at 8PM on Thursday. Serving "modern American comfort food", their menu changes daily. Seasonal menu features regionally influenced fare skewed with unusual nightly specials such as bacon dashi, veal cheeks, lamb ... [read more]

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J.Lance Wilkinson posted Personal Schedule feature?

It's less than two weeks before ApacheCon NA 2010, and I still can't see how I can create a personal schedule here to help me keep track of all the sessions I wish to attend. Anybody know what the holdup is?

J.Lance Wilkinson: Sadly, the ics output from this won't load into either Google Calendar or into Oracle Calendar, so I can't sync it to my 1999 Palm IIIxe ;-P
Christopher Gross: Try it again -- the ics works just fine for my Google Calendar.
J.Lance Wilkinson: Indeed it does. I note that the format of the .ics file is significantly DIFFERENT than it was a few days ago, too. The earlier version was much more human readable: multiple lines of whitespace, each event stanza indented, much simpler content, assu... [read more]

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Two quick notes: - Both the BarCamp on Monday/Tuesday and all of our Meetups on Tuesday thru Thursday nights are free to attend - even if you're not attending the conference. Please spread the word about our Meetups to any other Atlanta locals who might be interested. - Show your interest in ApacheCon and sign up on your favorite social networking site. We have a list of Facebook, LinkedIn, Upcoming, and Xing so far: http://s.apache.org/free-apac... [read more]

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Thomas Koch posted Keysigning party

Hi, I'm a maintainer of some Apache projects in Debian. Since I'm from Europe, I could not attend the ApacheCon NA unfortunately. But I'd like to ask you to please do a keysigning party during the conference. The keys used to sign the tarballs of the projects I package are not connected to the web of trust, which makes the whole signing useless. Thank you, Thomas

Mark Thomas: There has been a key signing party every single ApacheCon I have been too. You need to nag the projects concerned.
Sander Temme: Yes, there will be a Keysigning party. Thomas, which projects do you maintain? You should keep an eye out for the Meetups and Retreats taking place closer to home: you should be able to reduce your degrees of separation at such events.
Shane Curcuru: The Keysigning is traditionally held during the last half of the Welcome Reception on Wednesday - Sander or someone will make an announcement about it. Be sure to bring photo ID and some paper with your key id(s) on it, along with a pen.

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